Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrity Tattoos - Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is the brilliantly talented and captivating, American born film actor and musician.

At last count, Johnny Depp had fourteen tattoo designs, including a Native American Head on his right bicep, which is a tribute to his ancestral heritage, the name "Betty Sue" inside a heart with tribal marking, which is dedicated to his mother, just above that tattoo is an inverted black triangle.

Johnny has a tattoo which reads "Wino Forever" on his upper right arm, it was originally a tribute to his former girlfriend Winona Ryder, and then read "Winona Forever".

He has the symbol from the movie "The Brave" on the inside of his right forearm, which is the first movie he directed.

The name of his daughter and first born child, "Lily-Rose" is tattooed on the left side of his chest.

A tattoo of a Swallow flying above the ocean during a sunset, with the name of his son "Jack" is on his right forearm.

Some of Johnny Depps's other tattoos include, the number 3 between his thumb and index finger on his left hand, he also has three small rectangles on his right index finger.

His most recent tattoos are, a quote which reads "Silence Exile Cunning" from the book by James Joyce A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Plus three small hearts on his left triceps, for his wife and children "Vanessa, Lily-Rose, Jack".

Johnny also has 3 tattoos on his legs, including a skull and crossbones with the phrase "death is certain", a question mark with an "X" in place of the dot, and three vertical stripes on his lower left leg.

Checkout these pictures of Johnny Depp and his tattoo designs.
Johnny Depp Tattooes

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Johnny Depp tattoo images

Johnny Depp tattoo designs

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